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Nippon Hoist
Mitsubishi Ex-Proof Hoist
Hyundai Hoist
Electric Wire Rope Hoist are represented by Nippon Hoist CO.,Ltd Japan & Hyundai Korea . Explosion Proof Hoist by Mitsubishi Japan. Electric Chain Hoist by Hyundai Korea.

Hoist is basically an electric operated machine consisting of motors, gearbox, reeling drum and is assembled on a steel frame for the purpose of lifting light or very heavy loads.  A motorised trolley can be incorporated onto it for the lifting as well as transporting of loads in a fixed linear direction, restricted in distance only by the length of the steel structure it runs on.

With close contact and knowledge of end users' needs, we offer our expertise by designing the monorail structures onto which the chain or electric wire hoists are to be  mounted.

If chain or wire rope hoists are fitted to moving structures, the end users will be required to install cranes and this obviously lead us to our next product range.
Type of Overhead Crane

This is a combination of hoist steel girders, end carriages (motorised frame with wheels) and other components.  As in a factory, a crane runs on a fixed length of steel on top of each adjacent side of the factory.  The purpose is for the lifting or transportation of goods or loads within the factory floor area as determined by the length of the steel beams.  Cranes can be used within a closed factory area or outdoor and the area of movement is predetermined by the steel structures guiding its movement.


In most factory setup, overhead cranes are a necessity with capacity ranges from 3 ton to 50 ton.  For the crane to be assembled, we need to import the hoisting units, wheels and electrical controls.  The rest consist of the local fabrication of crane girders and end carriages to be fitted on to the imported contents as cranes.  The local content fabrication constitutes approximately 45% of the selling price of each crane and with each crane sold. 


This is the simplest form of vertical transportation commonly used in factories and shop offices of goods from one floor to another.  The design of the goodshoist has been well proven for its reliability and is very economical in terms of investment and operating costs.  Almost 80% of the factories in the plastic industry using goodshoist are installed with Nippon Hoists. 

Traversing Car
In locations where hoists, cranes and goodshoist cannot be utilised, we will propose alternative handling equipments such as conveyor systems, pallet trucks, automatic stacking systems, hydraulic scissor lifts, overhead conveyor lines, vertical lifts to cater for end users’ handling requirement.
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