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Our Services

After sales services is a very important factor in our industry in line with our motto “Your Partner in Material Handling System”. As such you can be assured of the following services provided at all times:

- 8.30am to 5.30pm on call services
- Operator training services
- Technical Advice
- Refurbishment/ upgrading works
- Automation upgrading works
- Most importantly genuine parts at all times as we are the sole distributor.

Customer whom executes a service contract with us are termed as privileged customers and they enjoy special discounts for the purchase of spare parts and also enjoy priority in terms of after sales services. 

Members of our service team consist of experienced Engineers & Technicians with ultimate importance given to the guidelines provided by the Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan (JKKP). This is to ensure that the goodshoists, hoists and electric overhead travelling cranes are serviced and maintained for safe optimum operation.

Attention should also be given to Approval letters issued by JKKP to licensed manufacturers whereby one of the clause interalia states that the manufacturer and the owner are responsible for maintenance for its safe operation.  It further states that the maintenance must be done by person / persons and or firms with the necessary experience and registered with JKKP. Our adherence to this guideline well ensures that your crane is properly maintained and also protects the owner from any prosecution by JKKP for any untoward incidences while using the such crane.

Other Services

Factory Registration with Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan.

Under the Factory & Machinery Act it is a serious offence for not registering your factory with JKKP while having in operation fixed machineries.  As such with our vast experience in the industry of manufacturing and installing electric overhead travelling cranes and goodshoists, we are able to offer our services in registering such factories in compliance with guidelines provided by JKKP.


Permit Mesin Angkat renewal (PMA)

Since we are licensed manufacturer, we are be able to renew your yearly PMA without much of a hassle. Our experienced technicians will advise you accordingly for repairs and maintenance required to be carried out before the inspection by officials from JKKP.  With our proven records, we are committed to assure such renewals are successful. 


Steel Fabrication

Our company and its staff are well trained by our Japanese counterpart in fabricating high precision, specially designed steel structures. Our factory are is well equipped and together with our design engineers, we are able to provide accurate shop drawings to facilitate efficient execution of projects.

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